Options Dialog

The Options dialog allows setting lesser used configuration options. It is accessed from the Configuration Menu.

Options Dialog

Fake Demo. Instrument check box enables a fake demonstration instrument that will become active whenever there is no real instrument plugged into the Android device. With this disabled, the Measurement View will show "No Instrument", while with it enabled it will show "Demo - Ready", and allow fake measurements to be made. This selection is disabled by default for the Full version of ColorMeter, and enabled by default for the free Demo version of ColorMeter. (This option is not saved or restored as part of a Configuration, but persists independently. It will be reset by restoring the Original Default configuration though.)

The Demo Instrument cycles through 8 pre-set measurement values, White, Grey, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange. There are also 8 corresponding spectral values that can be displayed on the Spectral Graph. It has 5 fake measurement modes, and also 2 fake calibration modes :- refresh and non-refresh display. It will return a fake refresh rate measurement of 65Hz.

High Res. Spectral Mode check box enables high resolution spectral samples for certain spectrometer instruments. See the  Instrument Capabilities table for details of which instruments this applies to.

Fast, non-adaptive emission measurement can speed up measurements for some instruments in emission or ambient measurement mode, at the cost of accuracy at low light levels. This may be useful for interactive adjustment of display settings. This setting is duplicated in the Measurement Action Dialog.

Split Screen on Landscape check box enables a layout with the measurement pane on the right hand side, with a chromaticity or spectral graph on the left hand side of the display when in Landscape orientation. This option will not be offered on small Android devices, will be unchecked by default on small tablet devices, and will checked by default on large tablets.

Internet Connection is needed indicates in how many days the Google Play Licensing Service will want to contact Google. After installation or clearing of the application data, this will be 4 days, but this will become longer as time goes by, up to 4 months between contact.

Touch the Done button to dismiss the dialog.

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