Exporting Measurements

      Export Dialog

The measurements to be exported can be chosen in one of three possible ways:
  1. The current measurement.
  2. All the measurements that are part of the same Tag Name group
  3. All the marked measurements.
The exact measurement(s) to be exported can be chosen using the Measurement Log Navigation Controls before invoking Export Measurements menu item.

The file format to save the measurements in, can be chosen from two formats:
  1. A Tab Separated Value (.TSV) text file. This is the most flexible format, since the contents can be configured, and each column of output will be labelled. It is ideal for importing into a spreadsheet program.
  2. An Argyll CMS spectral data .sp CGATS format file. Only spectral information gathered using a Spectrometer can be saved into this format. This is useful for further processing and analysis using ArgyllCMS tools.
If the TSV format is chosen, then what is included can be chosen from:
  1. An index for each measurement, starting at 1.
  2. Meta Data, such as the Tag Name, Date, Location, Notes & Photograph file name.
  3. The raw measurement XYZ values.
  4. The raw measurement Spectral values.
  5. Readout values.

If any color values are exported, then the Instrument type, Measurement Mode and Display Calibration/Measurement Conditions will also be shown.

Just like Readout values while using the Log Navigation Controls,  the Readout value will be that of the corresponding Measurement, but they will always use the latest Register values in their calculations.

On touching the Export button, the Android file selection dialog will be opened. You can browse the storage on your Android device, or save to a remote file using Google Drive or equivalent.

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